Foreign Tour

The student shall also be eligible to participate in an INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAMME (ICP) of University of Auckland, New Zealand, by paying additional cost of 1.5 Lacs.

"All the students of the current batch (2013-2015) will get the opportunity to avail a study tour to Singapore by paying Rs 35000/- additional only"

* Minimum batch of 25 students is mandatory to fly in each category.

Visit to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The Students of PGDM batch 2008-10 were taken on an educational tour of Singapore to the Nanyang Technological University. The rich exposure to all issues relating to global business is expected to give immense returns to the excited students, who have now taken their anointed positions in the Corporate World. Singapore, a small country geographically less than half the size of Delhi, has taken gigantic strides since independence from British colonial rule in 1963 and Malaysian Federation in 1965. From a tiny nation inhabited by fishermen, to a service oriented economy highly integrated into the world Economy, Singapore can boast about an annual per capita income of USD 63,000/-, which is more than many Western European countries. With a population just under 5 million, the ethnic groups comprise of Chinese 77%, Malays 14%, Indians 8%, and others around 1%. Tamil is the 3rd official language of the country.

The components of Singapore’s GDP are – Agriculture Nil, Industry 27%, and Services 73%. With no raw materials locally produced and internal demand for services pegged at low levels due to miniscule population, this clearly reflects the fact that Singapore is the international corporate choice as the hub for their Asian operations. The only major port is located in an island off the mainland, but is one of the busiest in the world pointing to a buoyant economy.

Because of the salubrious climate, sightseeing options under water and marine expeditions, rope way, and many other exciting ways of relaxation and unwinding, Singapore is one of the preferred destination for tourists and holiday revellers. The country is known for discipline, corruption free governance, penchant for cleanliness and human values making people flock to Singapore for all reasons including education. Nanyang Business School is accredited by European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) and Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Nanyang MBA is ranked 4th best in Asia Pacific, and 27th in the Financial Times Global MBA ranking.

The students of ACCURATE were overwhelmed by their experience during the visit and interaction with all the associates at Nanyang Technological University.

Visit to University of Auckland, New Zealand

The Students of batch 2009-11 had wonderful memories of their recent visit to Auckland, on an education cum international exposure tour. The study tour, conducted in 2 batches in Nov/Dec. 2010 was aimed at widening the horizon of their vision with regard to culture, academics, international business and trade etc.

Auckland is the gateway to New Zealand, and as a vibrant cosmopolitan city one can expect to meet here people from all over the world. The climatic conditions, healthy but cold, is condusive for the dairy industry. Thinly populated, but highly prosperous, the city offers a glimpse of the future which is a truly international experience, as can be witnessed by taking a walk down queen street in Auckland’s central business district. University of Auckland has a rich history of over 125 years, and today offers some of the best tertiary teaching facilities in the world. Learning in a first class research led environment clearly shows the contemporary nature of management education.

The students of both the batches returned with rich experience from the interaction with the students community, visits to industry, as well as sight seeing in this extremely beautiful and clean city.